This quote was by the American Pediatrician Benjamin Spock known for his best-selling book “Baby and Child Care.” This quote emphasizes self-trust. People tend not to be confident in themselves, but can others know you more than yourself? You’re the best person to know your wants, needs, strengths, and shortcomings. Self-distrust comes from a lack of self-confidence and not forgiving oneself for making mistakes, which limits your capabilities and potential. It would help if you were confident in your potential, trusted yourself, were kind to yourself, and forgave yourself when you make mistakes. To make mistakes is part of being human, and you can grow by learning from them and moving forward.


Trusting yourself will not only help you build a strong, healthy relationship with yourself but also help you become better at making decisions that foster your personal development; and also allows w you to explore your potential with confidence and become more than you think you can be. Henceforth, start trusting yourself more than ever, learn where your self-doubt stems from, and address it, then actively start trusting yourself more to increase your self-confidence, forgive and learn from your mistakes, become more independent, and make the best decisions for yourself.

This post is written by Yusuf Umuani, a medical student from Nigeria. She loves reading, writing about interesting things and listening to music.

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