The healthcare community is always striving to provide the best in terms of health to the people at large. There are multiple ways to check up on their patients. But, we thought it necessary to provide them with a window to view their world, a medium to Check Up on these healthcare folks on a monthly basis. And then, The Checkup – An online magazine specially curated and designed for the healthcare community was born.

There is a definite need for a website that not only entices and enriches the minds of professionals from the healthcare community but, also entertains and allows them to relax. The Checkup is unlike any other online magazine out there today. It not only has scientific and medical content but a lot of other segments such as lifestyle, travel, books, opinion and debates etc.


The Checkup is the latest venture of Life Design.

A Little about Life Design

Life de’Sign was waiting to be born. And it was not by accident, nor by design! It was a natural outcome; a product of the fusion of several creative energies which were brewing together for a long time. The knowledge of life, biology and medicine ….the eye for art and aesthetics ….the know-how of print and technology….and the common yearning for creativity & innovation – all came together and evolved into LifedeSign.

Life deSign, therefore, is a venture, which will create visual (films and videos) and print products and plan events & campaigns, organise CMEs, etc. related to the Biosciences, Health, Medicine and Life ….which is our USP.