Breast Cancer Awareness Month


“The best protection is early prevention”

It’s October and like every year, the entire world has come forward to create awareness about Breast Cancer. While a breast cancer diagnosis can be very scary, early diagnosis is a boon and a lifesaver for a large percentage of women who get detected. The most common cancer among women, over 3,00,000 women are diagnosed with the condition every year. The theme for Breast Cancer Awareness Month this year is “Importance of Early Detection”.

Breast cancer is confirmed after a biopsy. Every sample collected is tested for ER, PR and HER2 receptors. But, no two breast cancers are alike and neither are two women with breast cancer the same case. With cancer treatment becoming increasingly targeted and individualised, most patients get customised treatment plans and prognosis rates have improved.

While the numbers for new breast cancer continue to rise, more and more women are seeking help and come forward for early screening of the disease. Thanks to the world governments, NGOs, and other volunteers, media and people of the world who are encouraging women to break cultural barriers and taboos to step forward for routine breast screenings and mammograms. Early detection is definitely the best protection we can give women and help improve the prognosis rates.


Featured Image Source: Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels
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