Tuesday Talks #9 with Vaidya Mohit Sandhu


Dr Mohit Sandhu is a B. A. M. S graduate. He has also done speciality courses in Ayurveda Dermatology and Ayurveda Cardiology. He is a pain specialist (Agnikarma). Being a Consultant Member of Fontana Veda, and AAPNA , Pennsylvania, USA, he has a global outreach.

Many of us aspire to have an international recognition. Dr Mohit Sandhu having done that successfully, shares his experiences and tips for those who wish to expand their professional outreach!

Apart from using the Ayurvedic knowledge in your regular practice, where else can it be utilised?

Ayurvedic knowledge can be utilised universally. Ayurveda is a connection between the environment and the human body to maintain the state of balance of mind-body-spirit for health and wellness. It is a combination of the sharirik (body) and mansik (psychological) approach.

A perfect example for this has to be the ‘importance of Panchakarma for astronauts’. Astronauts face a lot of medical issues while in space and after coming back to Earth. The balance of the body and mind is affected. Modern medicine does not have any specific management for it. However, Ayurveda states that everything in this universe is made up of five basic elements – earth, water, fire, air and ether or space. These are together known as Panchmahabhoot. Everything on this Earth, whether living or non-living, is made up of these five elements. So, the Panchmahabhoot treatments such as Panchakarma can restore the balance of the body and mind.

To give another example, 98% of cancer patients get treated by psychological counselling. Hence, Ayurveda provides a wholesome approach where it targets the body, mind and its connection with the environment for any treatment.

Hence, it is proven that the principles of Ayurveda can be applied universally and has the solution to any kind of problem.

Can you tell us about your international collaborations?

I was always interested in learning more about Ayurveda & taking this knowledge to a global level. I met Fontana Veda, a Brazilian organisation via social media. I had messaged them about my ideas & they happened to go through them. I presented my ideas to their team and ever since I became a member of their organisation. I connect well to the Brazilians. I share the very basics of Ayurveda through theoretical as well as practical knowledge. I never plan my presentations, having an impromptu one helps me connect with the students better. It is possible only because I am well-read and aware!

How the other doctors expand their reach to a global level?

To have a global outreach, you need to have good knowledge about your field. Choose a speciality that interests you and widen your horizons. In college, we restrict our knowledge to studying textbooks. But gaining knowledge goes way beyond your textbooks.

Secondly, you need to be socially active and make more useful connections. Be open to sharing your ideas with them as well as learning from them. Out of the box ideas are crucial to set yourself apart from everyone.

Lastly, the way you present your ideas also matters to successfully take them forward. I have also noticed that being confident and having a consistent smile during presentations and interactions is helpful in gaining your audience’s trust.

What are the advantages of collaborating with international medical organisations?

There are many advantages of collaborating with international medical organisations. Money is definitely a part of it but that should not be the aim. Representing Ayurveda, the knowledge that originated in your country at an international level is a truly satisfactory experience. The world starts recognising you for your speciality.


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