Tuesday Talks #6 with Dr Archana Khan


Dr Archana Khan is a paediatric consultant at SRCC Hospital, Prince Aly khan Hospital and Masina Hospital. She has a keen interest in Paediatric Rheumatology. She also runs a YouTube channel called ‘My Baby’s World – Pregnancy & Parenting’.

Healthcare workers go through many challenges in their lives. At every stage of your career, your challenges will keep changing. And sometimes, we get so affected by it that we lose our motivation, feel stressed out, lose hope and whatnot. Generally, adults guide kids through life lessons. But, Dr Archana tells us in detail about 5 life lessons that we can learn from kids to solve our everyday problems!

As a paediatrician, what are the life lessons that you have learned from children?

Lesson 1: Grief is only in our minds.

Children have no complaints. If they are sick, they cry and irritate, and so do their parents. But, after 2-3 days, they enter the clinic jumping and smiling while the parents are still dragging their feet. Every time I see this, I remind myself that all grief is only in our minds.

Lesson 2: Live in the present moment.

I have observed children who visit for their vaccination. If they are well-prepared by their parents, they do not cry! They may have been scared of injections in the past, but mental preparation helps them overcome this fear in the present. It is a great lesson to learn again. It has taught me to live only in the present moment.

Lesson 3: Laugh more often.

Kids have an infectious laugh. It is the greatest gift given to all. We tend to lose it as we grow older in life. Only their laughter can create an aura of total joy and dissipate any stress for some time. After watching them laugh, I remind myself to laugh more than I usually do!

Lesson 4: Do not whine.

Have you ever seen a child giving a long list of complaints? Never! Yes, they may cry if facing an issue but never whine about life. It is something only adults love to do – crib and be unhappy with everything. Children teach us to stop complaining, adapt, accept and enjoy life as it happens!

Lesson 5: Every day is a new beginning.

Children never hold any grudges against anyone or anything. They carry no baggage, do not bring up the past and forget things easily. So, every day is a new day for them. We do the exact opposite – hold on to the past and spoil the upcoming days as well. Another lesson learnt – treat every day a fresh start and forget the past!

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