Tuesday Talks #5 with Vaidya Sanatan Mishra


Vaidya Sanatan Mishra is an Ayurvedic practitioner. He has authored two books titled ‘Malang’ and ‘Sasti Kitab’. He has received of prestigious awards such as KaramVeer Award (Blue Medal) for literature and technology and AIMA Ratna Award for COVID excellence.

It is natural to feel demotivated in the medical field too, but once you acknowledge it and learn the ways to cope with it, your life becomes easier! Vaidya Sanatan Mishra takes us through his little journey with staying motivated through his career. He says, “If a 28 year old practitioner like me can treat international patients from a small space in a small city, you can too.”

Do you ever get demotivated during your medical practice?

When I started my career, I used to get demotivated easily. I had high expectations with my knowledge and skill, but when some patients would express unhappiness due to insufficient results, I would get disappointed. But with time, I realised that I am no God. At the same time, not every patient is an ideal one. Even though medicine is capable of indefinable things, nature plays a crucial role too. I learned something with every mistake and made it a point not to repeat them.

What do you do when there is a difficult case and your efforts go in vain?

For any challenging case, I seek help from someone with higher knowledge, skills and experience. It always helps. I mostly talk to my father, Vd. Sanjay Boi or my mentor Vd. Rakesh Singhal when facing some challenges.

Even though challenging cases may seem to cause you distress, they are in fact a boon in disguise. It teaches us things that we would never otherwise learn through books. Such cases and medical emergencies challenge me and entice me to study more, and allow me to learn more from my mentor.

How do you keep yourself motivated daily? And what is your advice for young doctors on the same?

It is extremely tough to stay motivated every single day. Some days, it feels like a void. But, we need to accept that it is absolutely okay to not be okay.

The fear of failure and rejection motivates us to work harder and not reach that stage. But when you expect a lot you can feel demotivated when the results don’t meet your expectations. So, give your best but don’t expect a lot. Work consistently, trust your gut, learn, read, travel and always stay hungry for knowledge. Success is personal; define your path for it!


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