Purifying the air quality indoors helps relieve stress. There are several accompanying natural benefits as well.
Here are some tips to purify your home naturally:

Indoor Plants 

House plants like weeping fig and snake plant help naturally filter the air.


Essential Oils

Using high quality essential oils is a great way to purify the air indoors as well as to keep the home smelling fresh.


Activated Charcoal

Use of activated charcoal filters help to naturally filter air, absorb toxins and improve air quality.


 Clean Air Filters

Regularly changing air filters in heating and cooling systems helps keep air clean, especially if HEPA filters are used.



Window Treatments

Using black out window shades or other light filtering options helps to keep the home cool by reducing the amount of sunlight entering the home.

Salt Lamps

Himalayan pink salt lamps are natural air purifiers which can be used like night lamps to improve air quality.

Use of Natural Cleaners

Using natural cleaning products like white vinegar or baking soda reduces the introduction and residual effects of chemical products into the home.

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