Thursday Tips #5 by Dr Armaan Bhupendra Chourasiya


Dr Armaan Bhupendra Chourasiya is an MBBS MD doctor from Delhi. He is the author of 16-17 PG FMGE books that are read by doctors. He also runs a renowned institute called Next MCI Gurukul for NEET PG and FMGE where they coach lakhs of students every year.

A doctor’s duty does not end at just prescribing medicines and treatments. Patients need a lot of encouragement to get better. So, here are 5 tips on how you can motivate your patients by Dr Armaan, who is an excellent motivational speaker.

  • Give positive affirmations

When it comes to treating a patient, along with medicines, positive affirmations from the doctor are an absolute necessity. Saying statements such as, “You are healthy.”, “You will get better.”, “You are strong.” can uplift the patient’s energy, mood and confidence. If you tell them any discouraging words, it can impact their treatment process.

  • Ask their close ones to be supportive

The patient’s environment plays a crucial role in the prognosis. If the people staying with the patient are supportive and caring, it can improve their reception to treatment. Ask their family members, relatives and anyone interacting with them to regularly assure them that they are healthy and with a few modifications, they can be perfectly alright. Any negative words from them can dishearten the patient, and as a result, slow down their treatment.

  • Make them believe in the treatment

With the medical science field making progress, there is treatment available for even chronic illnesses now. The doctor needs to make the patient trust the process and treatment to get better. If they take every medicine on time, do the recommended lifestyle modifications, they can get out of any illness.

  • Explain to them why comparing is harmful

It is natural for patients to compare themselves to healthier people and have feelings of jealousy and hatred. But, comparing with other people does not solve your problems. Loathing in self-pity will not help your treatment. Words and thoughts have the power to impact you. So, be as close to positivity as possible!

  • Encourage them to keep busy

Lastly, remember the famous saying – an idle mind is the devil’s workshop. Your illness is not your whole life. There’s much more to life than that. Motivate your patients to stay busy, take up new hobbies, connect to people and enjoy their life. If you are busy, negative thoughts will not trouble you as much.

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