Thirdhand Smoke Is Bad More Than You Can Ever Think Of


Thirdhand smoke is the smoke residue and stale scent that sticks to the surroundings of your home after tobacco smoke is cleared. It adheres to furniture, skin, clothes, walls, and any other surfaces in the area a person has smoked cigarettes. The thing about this thirdhand smoke is that it’s just as bad as smoking and secondhand smoking. And the fact that you don’t smoke doesn’t mean you’re not at risk for thirdhand smoke. You could be exposed to this kind of smoke through inhalation, ingestion, and skin absorption.


Furthermore, a new study has even shown that the level of thirdhand smoke can persist in homes that have been heavily smoked in at very dangerous levels for years to come. The problem with third-hand smoke is that two of the three compounds it contains can cause cancer. Exposure to this smoke can also damage the DNA and cause some other serious diseases like Asthma. The best way you can avoid exposure to thirdhand Smoke is to always be in a smoke-free environment and get rid of surfaces and furnishings that house this smoke and replace them with new ones.

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This post is written by Yusuf Umuani, a medical student from Nigeria. She loves reading, writing about interesting things and listening to music.


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