The President Is Missing



Embodied in the framework of a book comes a nerve-racking story of politics and cyber- terrorism that immerses the reader into a different world where every chapter unfolds a different mystery and every page unravels a new twist. It uncovers the system of operations within the white house and sheds light over the hierarchy and close-knit circle that the president controls. The novel calls attention to exactly how much the country rests on the shoulders of its president and how his mind and thinking affect the future of the entire nation.


The brilliant plot begins with a threat of crisis and leads us through a winding road of hurdles and difficulties, to culminate in an unexpected and an eventful end. At the very start, we are presented with a very intense situation through which the president

must muddle-through, to protect his country and defend his honour. The president’s family consists of not just his blood-related daughter but, also his trustworthy employees and long-standing friends, who have been by his side and seen him grow. While trying to save his country from a threat, he uncovers a bigger and a more complex plot that the terrorists have been planning. He has to overcome his physical weaknesses to make sure his mental faculties are alert and his wit and intellect will have to be the powerhouse to pull his mission through. The president shows a terrific control over emotions and remains calm and composed, even in tight corners to find a solution to an almost catastrophic event. He uses his power as president to seek help from leaders of other foreign nations and utilises the abilities of the staff at hand. The end leaves us rattled and disturbed by the sting of betrayal that is unearthed and makes the entire book come together perfectly.


All the way through, the patriotism, courage, intelligence, and steadfastness of the president are highlighted along with the fighting spirit, ‘do or die’ nature of those who stand beside him. Thrill, threat, drama, betrayal, mystery, danger, terrorism, and politics are all pieces of this beautiful puzzle that author James Patterson puts together, along with insights and information from former president Bill Clinton, making this an extremely noteworthy book to read.



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Dr Zaahra Bandukwala(BDS, PGCAD) is a dentist by profession and runs her clinic successfully in South Mumbai. An avid reader and traveller, Dr Zaahra has always been a keen writer. She has written poetry in her school days and was the editor of the college magazine during her graduation days.



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