Sharing Same Roof- One Professional To Another


Who is a professional? Is he someone who is needed to appear immediately to help solve an issue at hand? Or someone who comes and walks all along with you through your life’s journey? Today, let us unravel the similarities the two noble professions share to make you understand how physical and financial illness, both are cured by doctors and financial planners, personally and professionally.

There are standard protocols and process flows followed by both of them that can be highlighted to help understand what they go through to ensure that their patient or client reached their desired solution as early as possible.

Gathering Client Information

Before letting your patient/client on any possible solutions, it is important to understand what it is that they are going through– what kind of allergies they have, what is their current weight, what medical and family history they are carrying, and many more. The same way when a client like you connects with your financial planner, they also ask you similar questions with a financial element into it. 

“Data gathering” is carried out by them where your various financial choices and details are collected to understand your relationship with money. At its simplest, data gathering is the process where you gather all of your financial statements and personal documents that will, together, form the basis of your personalized financial plan. 

Along with collecting the client data both the professionals make sure that confidentiality is maintained without any gaps.

Setting up Short & Long-Term Expectations

For a financial planner, it starts with writing down your financial goals, attaching the cost to each of the goals, and determining the money to accomplish these goals that will be required in the future. 

Your financial goals are then categorized into three parts based on time horizon into – 

  • Short-term goals
  • Intermediate-term goals, and 
  • Long-term goals. 

The same way that given health details and reports is explained by you to your patients on the actual issues they are facing and how it will be taken ahead from thereafter to keep them in the pink of their health.

Analyzing Financial/Medical Situations

After the collection of financial and health data, both professionals scan the submitted details by their clients and run the necessary tests before taking them ahead on their treatment journey. Both of them work thoroughly on the given material and rigorously work to provide their clients with a customized solution to their problems.

Developing and Presenting a Financial/Treatment Plan

After going through every possible solution, they select the best way for their clients to proceed further from where they are currently standing. They give their client a solution based on their timeline, provide them with necessary mediums and expertise to cure or resolve their issue to keep them physically and mentally fit.


Undoubtedly, Knowledge is Power but, you know there’s something even more powerful than knowledge? “Implementation! A doctor and a financial planner, and infact all professionals guide their clients with the best of their intentions and ability but till the time one doesn’t swallow the pill or to say ‘walk the talk’, all the earlier efforts taken directly go in vain.

Monitoring and Reviewing

The purpose of follow-up care and constant monitoring is to ‘keep patients in good health, manage side effects from treatment, find out if the disease has returned, and screen for other types of health challenges along with providing emotional support’. 

The same way your financial planner not just paves a path for your financial journey but walks all along with you to ensure that your finances are always taken care of.

As a doctor or a healthcare professional, there is no one better who understands the importance of health -mental, physical, emotional and financial!

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About the author

Ms Mashru is a CHARTERED WEALTH MANAGER (CWM ) by qualification and a Financial coach by choice. She started her career in finance and later realized her passion lies in discovering peoples financial DNA. She is a founder of PLANTRICH CONSULTANCY LLP and the Co-founder and Chief Financial coach of VAMA PLANTRICH LLP. She has also been on the panel with NDTV and has been awarded an innovator in finance by international Women Leaders Forum for 3 consecutive years. She has also been a Million dollar advisor for last 6 years. She has bagged 25 more accolades in the last 10 years. She also takes lectures for various courses on personal finance and has been a guest lecturer at business management colleges. She is frequently invited to television talk shows as well. She has been certified by George Kinder on seven stages of money maturity.



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