This quote is by the global public health expert, Helen D. Gayle is an American doctor. It emphasizes the need for self-forgiveness. While certain people find it easy to forgive others, they kind of find it hard to forgive themselves. Self-forgiveness entails making up your mind intentionally to let go of anger or any resentment you feel towards yourself for what you did or said. Forgiving yourself involves learning from your mistakes, letting go and moving on with your life, and making better decisions about what you say or do.


Forgiving oneself is not for anybody but oneself alone, it will boost your mental health, increase your self-confidence and improve your focus and productivity. Apart from the tremendous effect self-forgiveness has on your mental health, its benefits on physical health too are superb as it reduces your blood pressure and reduces your risk of having a heart attack when you burden yourself with your mistakes and don’t let go. Forgiving oneself comes easier for some people than others. If you’re finding it difficult to forgive yourself, you should try acknowledging your mistake, be open about learning from it, show yourself the kindness you show your loved ones, and quit replaying your mistakes in your mind.

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This post is written by Yusuf Umuani, a medical student from Nigeria. She loves reading, writing about interesting things and listening to music.