Omicron In India: An Update


Omicron has taken the world by storm. With 32 mutations in its spike protein, it has become the new variant of concern according to the WHO. First detected in South Africa, it was spotted in India in early December. As we approach the New Year, as of 29 December, India is counting 781 confirmed Omicron cases and an active caseload of 77,002 COVID-19 cases. State Governments all over India have implemented nighttime curbs, restricting public gatherings from 9 pm to 6 am. Restaurants, theaters, and clubs have been limited to 50% operating capacity, and the public has been advised to stay home and avoid going to large New Years’ Eve parties.

In terms of Omicron, India is relatively better off, as other countries such as the UK and USA are reporting 129,471 new cases(24 hrs) and 267,000 new cases(weekly average) respectively. We must ensure to follow the COVID-19 appropriate protocol and get vaccinated with booster shots once the program starts up on January 3rd, 2022. Stay alert! Stay safe!


Featured image source: Image by Dr. Yash Kamath

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About the author

Yash Kamath is a Third Year MBBS student at Seth GS Medical College. He keeps an avid interest in basically everything under the sun. He is currently involved in the social sector via multiple NGOs and is active in academic research. In his free time, you can find him with a novel or a computer, trying to make sense of the next nuance of the human condition.



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