Monday Motivation #11 by Hippocrates of Kos


What you eat can either improve or deteriorate your state of health.



This quote is by the Greek physician Hippocrates, the Father of Modern Medicine, in recognition of his significant contribution to the field. He wrote a lot of books about many diseases and their treatments.

The quote emphasizes the importance of eating healthy for living a fulfilling life. Eating provides energy for your daily activities but eating healthy does so much more than that – it puts the body’s immune system in good condition and prevents and reduces the risk of contracting certain diseases. It will help if you don’t underestimate the importance of a healthy diet. Eating vegetables, fruits, fish, and carbohydrate-rich food is beneficial for the body, same for reducing salt intake, sugar intake, and saturated fat. Eat less processed foods or abandon them if you can, for your health’s sake. A wide range of foods contain nutrients the body needs to stay in good condition. Good food options are limitless. Have your pick and stay healthy.

In conclusion, this quote is asking us to eat healthily. It does not say one should use food to replace medicine. When a specialist prescribes medications, one should follow that.


This post is written by Yusuf Umuani, a medical student from Nigeria. She loves reading, writing about interesting things and listening to music.

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