Planning and executing a vacation can cause enough stress to nullify the effects of destressing during your actual vacation. Many people feel that they need a vacation after getting back from one.

Here are some trips to avoid the ‘vacation blues’:

1) Plan and Research Your Destination: Research the activities and sights your destination offers. Research other important factors like high traffic times, lodging
and climate and weather.

2) Make a Packing List: All items needed on vacation should find their place on a meticulous list to prevent last minute hassles.

3) Prepare the Night Before: Prepare the house for your absence. Lay out clothing, pack last minute items.

4) Leave Early: Especially when using public transport to avoid missing flights, connection etc. Set the time of leaving an hour earlier before expected.

5) Prepare for Unexpected Delays: especially during peak vacation times. Delays can include anything from inclement weather to a missing suitcase. Try to factor in extra time to deal with the unexpected.

6) Have a Backup Plan: Remember to carry some snacks, extra clothing, cash and medications on you, especially when travelling with children. Deal with expecting
the unexpected.

7) Plan for Sickness and Emergencies: Take OTC medications and a first aid kit. Look up the medical facilities in the area.

8) Take Downtime and Remember to Breathe: After all, it’s a vacation. Try not to plan every detail. Be spontaneous and flexible. It is your time to wind down and relax!

References: https://yevettemcqueenmd.com


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