Good Vibes, Good Life

How self-love is the key to unlocking greatness.

–By Vex King

This book is a timely and vivid reminder to practise self-love, self-acceptance and positivity to create the life we want. Instagram visionary, spiritual coach and lifestyle entrepreneur Vex King overcame adversities of racial abuse and poverty to become a source of hope for thousands of young people. He is now on a mission to teach people how to live a good life by raising one’s vibes. Centred on the idea of ‘Self-love’, the book runs the gamut of inspirational themes, including self-acceptance, the transformation of negative emotions to positive ones, overcoming toxic energy, the enormous power of love and kindness and the purpose of pain in one’s life. It offers a pearl of much-needed wisdom to navigate uncertain times and distinct methods to create good vibes. The author also addresses the socially constructed idea of beauty and the perpetual mission to prove one’s worth to society. He says,

“Wear your imperfections like they don’t need a season to be fashionable.”

“The truth is distorted with filters and inspirational captions to make everything seem better than it is.”

He explains why comparing our lives with the rose-tinted version of life on social media brings unhappiness and feelings of lower self-esteem. Vex emphasises creating a shift in our belief systems and striving for a positive mindset and encourages escaping any mental limitations which imprison or limit our potential. Subtly touching on the concept of ‘providence’, he provides a spiritual essence to the book. There’s an occasional tone of sonorous abstraction but the author also effectively captures human contact with evocative specificity. He has managed to crystallise the idea of the ‘higher purpose of one’s life’ and how it differs from the perception of the masses.

Why Do I Recommend this Book?

This book taught me what good vibes mean and what needs to be done to achieve and maintain them. It made me realise all the values we have learned throughout the years and are constantly at the back of our minds, but we just need a nudge to recognise and apply these principles in our daily lives.

This book has proven to be that little nudge for me. It has made me a more grateful person than I was. His wisdom-filled words on fear and challenging circumstances give a ray of hope that everyone needs in difficult times.

“The universe is abundant in all areas, the illusion of fear is the only limitation we have.”

“Just because you can’t see the point behind the challenging time, this doesn’t mean there isn’t one.”

Readers will be encouraged by Vex’s insistence that his methods to maintain good vibes are within anyone’s grasp. For some readers, it will act as a friendly and empathetic guide for examining the quality and meaning of one’s life. For others, it will prove to be a book for introspection. Altogether one will find this book an uplifting and succinct collection of life lessons.

This book is available in paperback, Kindle and as an audiobook version.


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