mental health day

“Mental health is still a taboo in our society. Hundreds of invisible hands shut our mouths from saying the words “I am emotionally disturbed”.

Thousands of hands pulling us back into suffering alone. But eyes…they never lie.”

Model: Krishna Prassana

Camera: Nikon D3400

Technical Specifications:  f/4.8  1/1   72.00mm   ISO400

Photographer:  SHREYAS KUMBHAR (3rd-year medical student at JNMC, Belgavi)

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About the author

Shreyas Kumbhar is a third-year medical student at J.N. Medical College, Belagavi. He is an avid photographer with an inclination towards wildlife and landscape photography. Shreyas along with his friend, Ishwar bhasavan, is also the co-founder of the college photography club named APPERTURE.



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