With over 60 affected and 7 deaths reported, China is brewing another recipe for a virus-borne pandemic. This has resulted in an outcry from various nations across the world.

While the world is still struggling with the ongoing pandemic that originated ina wet market in China’s Wuhan, the Asian country is witnessing the origin of a new contagion that is said to spread via tick-bites! The virus has so far infected over 60 people and caused over 7 deaths. The symptoms of this new disease are said to be severe thrombocytopenia, high fever and the virus has been called the Severe Fever with Thrombocytopenia Syndrome Bunyavirus or SFTSV. 

Surprisingly, China is not new to this virus and a similar outbreak was noticed in the year 2009. The disease is said to have a very high mortality rate of 6% and the odds rise higher for patients with weak immune systems. Currently, the virus is said to be at a high risk of spreading out of the country via migratory birds.

Is this another pandemic in the making? We can only wait and hope not!

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