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Dr. Ashwin is an accomplished pediatric and preventive dentist and has been running an exclusive pediatric dental practice in Thane for more than a decade. He heads the Pediatric Dentistry department at Bharati Vidyapeeth Dental college and has authored several national and international publications. He is also, a prolific writer, artist, musician and innovator.

Dr Ashwin shares with us certain key learnings that have defined his dental practice

What is the difference between an experienced doctor and a new doctor?

New doctors know a lot about ‘what to do’ but experienced doctors also know ‘what not to do’ in practice. Although new doctors are fresh with their training and know/remember a lot of ‘theory’, the experienced doctors know more about the ‘limitations’ of the science (theory) and of themselves.

Therefore, experienced doctors know how to work better within the limitations. The experienced doctors know that they are not the best, they can’t give their best all the time, and they can’t expect the best outcome of every care they provide.

Most importantly, experienced doctors are able to communicate such things to their patients. Their ‘ethical’ approach is in being transparent, honest and empathetic in the care they provide. (Perhaps that’s why) Their patients trust them for what they are, and what they do.


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About the author

Dr.Nikhita Gune is a qualified pediatric and preventive dentist, currently working at NH SRCC Children's Hospital, Mumbai.She is also a consultant at various private dental clinics and charitable trusts across Mumbai. She maintains her own blog on oral healthcare of children on a popular parental guidance website. A bibliophile right from childhood, being a writer has always been her dream.



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